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Visual Court Management Software


 Court Software Made Simple. 


Powerfully Advanced and Highly Automated Court Software Streamlines and Simplifies Your Processing of Court.  

The Visual Court Management System (VCMS) allows you to manage cases on a case and citation level through one easy-to-use visual dashboard screen. Save hundreds of hours in manual driver's history searching with our AUTOMATED DRIVER'S HISTORIES where you can automatically attach driver's history to citations and cases. Our GECPS process is the most advanced and easiest to use on the market and allows you to submit citations and issue and withdraw license suspensions with the simple click of a button.  The paperless features of VCMS will help streamline and simplify your processing of court.

FREE Support, Upgrades & 
Professional Onsite Training


Features & Benefits

  • Powerful Dashboard Interface
  • Easy to Navigate & Use
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • On-Screen Court Calendar
  • On-Screen Court Check-In
  • Electronic & Thumb Signatures
  • Simple Docket Scheduling
  • Solicitor Recommendations
  • One-Click Judge Approvals
  • Electronic State Reporting DPS 912
  • Complete Money Management
  • Fund Calculations
  • Automatic Dispositions
  • Advanced Import/Export API
  • Simple & Fast GECPS
  • Automated Driver's Histories
  • Online Court Calendar
  • Online & Window Fine Payments
  • Electronic Ticket Transfer
  • Warrant Printing & Tracking
  • Subpoena Printing & Tracking
  • Attach Documents & Media to Cases
  • Court Dockets
  • Rescheduling Notices
  • Detailed Cash Receipts Reporting
  • Process Parking Tickets
  • Defendant Time Payment Plans
  • User Defined Custom Reporting
  • Built-In Security Levels

Court Software that Streamlines Court Processing
The Courtware Solutions Court Management System is the industry leader in court management software in the State of Georgia.  We have been serving our customers since 1997 including more than 200 courts and more than 125 police departments. 

Perfect for any size agency, our paperless court management software will streamline and simplify the processing of your court proceedings. Our comprehensive system is easy to learn and use.  We make your job simple. 

Features include: advanced search capabilities, electronic signatures, electronic document management, an on-screen court calendar and check-in, simple docket scheduling, solicitor recommendations, one-click judge approvals, electronic ticket transfers, fund calculations, complete money management and so much more!

We offer an online citation payment feature that is fully integrated with our court system. Violators may pay their citations online with all of the appropriate posts being made for you in your court system.

Fund Calculations & Electronic Processing
All of your essential state reporting, fund calculations and electronic processing is done for you in our court management system.  This complete money management system includes parking ticket processing, defendant time payment plans, automatic dispositions, electronic ticket transfers & DPS 912 and more!   Many ready-formatted reports are immediately available and we offer unlimited custom reports as well!

No Money Upfront & No Money Out of Budget
We are very proud to offer a business model that perfectly meets the needs of all size agencies and courts.  Your Agency can get ALL of our software and services including Police Records Management, Court Management and Online Fine Payments with no money upfront and no money out of your budget.  

FREE Training, Support & Upgrades
As our customer, you will enjoy free product training by our professional staff, free industry leading technical support and free software upgrades.  Our commitment to ongoing development of our software products, ensures that your agency will always have the latest and greatest software.  We typically provide upgrades on a monthly basis, which again, you will receive FREE.

Our software is simple,  powerful, and it will streamline and simplify your processing of court.  We do more of the work for you, so you don't have to.  You'll never pay for training, support or upgrades.  If you should ever need help, our industry-leading support will AMAZE you.   And, this software won't cost your law abiding citizens a dime!  When you get COURTWARE, you're getting the BEST.  It just makes sense.

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Accept Credit Card Payments Online and Face-toFace

We offer an online citation payment feature that is fully integrated with our court system. Violators may pay their citations online with all of the appropriate posts being made for you in your court system.  You may also process face-to-face credit card transactions for court fines and citations.

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We welcome your questions, comments and feedback.  If you would like additional information about this product, or would like to schedule a FREE demo, please contact us

Local: 678- 583-9700
Toll Free: 1-866- 530-1452

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Court Management  |  Juvenile Court  |   Law Enforcement RMS   |   CloudCop Mobile  |   CAD-911  |   Jail Management  |   Probation   |   Payments  

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