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IMPORTANT:   Data BACKUP Reminder 
A frequent and TESTED backup of your data can prevent data loss in the event of hardware failure of virus encounters.

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Hardware Recommendations
Recommended Hardware and Networking for Courtware Software
For new equipment purchases please refer to the PDF for recommended hardware specifications. Existing workstations and laptops/tablets running Windows 7 or greater should be able to run Courtware Solutions software with minimal issues. Please contact us to request a test of the software in your network environment if you need help determining your infrastructure readiness..


Visual Court Management

Powerfully Advanced and Highly Automated Court Software Streamlines and Simplifies Your Processing of Court.  Features Case Dashboard,  Automated Driver's Histories, Simple GECPS, Electronic Signatures, 1-Click Judge Approvals, Fund Calculations & Full Money Management, and Much More!

The Visual Court Management System (VCMS) allows you to manage cases on a case and citation level through one easy-to-use visual dashboard screen. Save hundreds of hours in manual driver's history searching with our AUTOMATED DRIVER'S HISTORIES where you can automatically attach driver's history to citations and cases. Our GECPS process is the most advanced and easiest to use on the market and allows you to submit citations and issue and withdraw license suspensions with the simple click of a button.  The paperless features of VCMS will help streamline and simplify your processing of court.


Law Enforcement RMS

RMS Central Offers Complete Agency Reporting and Case Management, Mobility with eTicketing, GEARS, UCR/NIBRS, Data Sharing and Commander's Mobile App and More!
Our Records Management System (RMS) allows your department to meet all of the reporting requirements mandated by the State in a timely and effective manner. Reports can be generated quickly and easily through a very simple user interface. This system offers all of your major reports with detailed statistics, graphs and crime mapping. Built-in security levels keeps your data safe. Our Case Management Dashboard makes searching cases a breeze. Preparing for your City Council meetings has never been easier than with our done-for-you statistics and graphs. No longer will you have to spend hours working on your UCR summary reporting, because your UCR data is submitted to the GCIC electronically with our software. We also capture NIBRS data. Your Accident reports are also submitted to the State electronically through our automated GEARS reporting module. Our CloudCop® mobile software integrates seamlessly with RMS Central and allows your Officers and Commanders to do all of their reporting in the field and wirelessly sync all data to the central office.


JMS | Jail Managment (BluHorse)
20+ Flexible Modules 
Flexible, Configurable, and Modular Inmate Management Solution for Any Size Jail

All jails operate differently, therefore we designed the BluHorse Inmate Management System from the ground up to be flexible and modular. To do this we created small, pluggable modules that can be added when it’s right for you. Each of these modules can be added at any time or if your facility needs something not currently offered, we can create the module for you and simply plug it into your system when ready.



NG-911 CAD (Geoconex)

Comprehensive Dispatching Tool

GeoConex® NG911 (Next Generation 911) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) is a comprehensive dispatching tool that has options for use by both dispatchers and supervisory personnel to give optimum dispatch performance. 

  • All Vital Public Services

  • EMS, Fire & Rescue

  • Law Enforcement

  • Faster Response Times

  • More Accurate Dispatch

  • Secure & Encrypted

  • Mobile CAD

GeoConex® Mobile CAD 

Users can quickly access all vital functions from the Dashboard view of GeoConex® Mobile CAD including incident details, update mobile unit status and request urgent help with Panic button if needed

GeoConex® Mobile CAD—NG911 Ready—is a comprehensive mobile computer-aided dispatching tool that both dispatchers and users in the field can use for optimum performance that provides real time information and communication capabilities. With GeoConex® Mobile CAD, personnel working in the field are able to improve response time and accuracy of dispatch location with reduced radio traffic because the user has all the information at his fingertips. The mobile user has access to detailed maps, GPS location, NCIC query, incident details, subjects, vehicle information and capabilities of private chat. GeoConex® Mobile CAD is built on the Next Generation CAD Engine and uses state of the art technology to ensure communications back to the 9-1-1 center are encrypted and secure.


CloudCop® Mobile RMS for MDTs
Powerful CloudCop ® MOBILE Law Enforcement RMS Software with Aircard Sync, Lets Your Officers Work & Sync from Anywhere.
Our CloudCop® Mobile RMS Desktop allows your officers to work and sync from ANYWHERE. Whether you need to enter an Incident, Accident, Family Violence, Juvenile Complaint or Arrest and Booking Report, CloudCop® makes your job EASY. The user interface is super-easy to use and requires very little training. A night vision color scheme emits less light during in-car reporting which keeps your officers safer at night. Agency chat and messaging features keep your officers connected in the field. Our Daily Activity Report (DAR) and Task Assignments features helps you track, manage and stimulate your team's productivity. GPS tracking will help you know where your team is at all times.

JMS | Jail Management
A Modularized, Modern Software System Providing Robust and Easy to Use, Complete Jail Management.  Handles All Aspects of Jail Operations for Jails of Any Size.
Courtware Solutions has teamed up with BluHorse to provide a Jail Management Solution that is flexible and highly customizable to work with the needs of your agency. Because all jails operate differently in many respects, the BluHorse JMS system was designed to be flexible and modular with pluggabe modules that you can add or remove as needed.  Some examples of these modules include: 
  • Booking & Release
  • Accounting- Inmate Trust
  • Biometrics
  • Classification
  • Commissary
  • Document Management
  • Incidents
  • Law Library
  • Mugshots & Lineups
  • Charts & Statistics
  • Medical
  • Officers & Staff
  • Programs & Education
  • Scheduling
  • State
  • Tracking
  • Visitation
  • Web- Internal
  • Web- Public
  • Gangs & Threat Groups

Probation Management System

Helping You Professionally Supervise Offenders and Decisions of the Court
The Courtware Solutions Probation Management System is a comprehensive software solution that helps your business or court services administrators professionally supervise offenders in the decisions of your court. Our software offers seamless integration with Courtware's VCMS Court Management Software, state reporting and simple case management.

Our team of developers, utilizing over 18 years of court-related programming experience, have created a package that will meet all of your probation management needs.

Flexible configuration options allows our software to meet the specific needs of your court.

Window & Online Credit Card Payments
Court Management Integrated Payments & Online Ticket Payments and County-Wide Online Payment Solutions
Courtware has partnered with GovermentWindow
® to provide your court and citizens with credit card payment options for face-to-face and online payment transactions for:  
  • Court Fines
  • Motor Vehicle Tags
  • Property Tax
  • Utility Bills
  • License & Permit Fees
  • Park & Recreation
  • Court Integrated Payments
  • IVR/ITR for Tax & Utilities
  • Accept ALL Major Cards
  • Chargeback Protection
  • Partial Payments Option
  • Force Pay Open Bills Option
  • Secure & PCI Compliant




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