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A frequent and TESTED backup of your data can prevent data loss in the event of hardware failure of virus encounters.

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Accept Payments in VCMS |  Property Tax : New IVR System Reduces Call Volumes by 40%

 Accept Credit Card Payments in your
Payments in VCMS Court Management Software
As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best possible software and payment services, we are proud to announce a great new feature of your Visual Court Management Software. 

You may now accept credit card payments via swipe, directly inside the ticket payment screen in your court management software. This feature makes it even easy for you to process face-to-face window payments for traffic fines.

This UPGRADE is FREE for Courtware customers, AND we provide the FREE credit card swipe devices.

If your agency is not yet accepting online payments, then you will need to contact us to get started. You can call us at 1-866-530-1452. 
Online Fine Payments
Your citizens will enjoy a very simple process for paying fines online through our GovermentWindow online payment interface. 

For more information on all of our payment services, click to download our PDF payment services flyer



New! VirtualTerminal City-Wide and County-Wide Payment Solutions
In addition to court and traffic fine payments, we provide a virtual terminal and credit card scanner equipment that enables you to quickly and easily take window payments for any type of city or county payment.  Our competitive discount rates will save your agency money.

Contact us today to receive a FREE payments comparison & review at 1-866-530-1452. 

Payment Features & Benefits
  • Accept Face-to-Face Swipe Payments 
  • Accept Credit Cards Online
  • SSL Encrypted Interface
  • Fully Integrated with Court System
  • Easy to Setup
  • Integrated Online Payments with Mobile Friendly Interface
  • IVR / ITR for Tax & Utilities (3% fee)
  • Accept ALL Major Credit Cards
  • eCheck Payment Option
  • Chargeback Protection
  • Easy Partial Refunds
  • Partial Payments Option
  • Force-Pay ALL Open Bills Option
  • Highly Configurable Services
  • Module Based Payment Types
  • Privilege-based Administration
  • Simple Payment Screens
  • Highest Level of Security
  • PCI Compliant Solution
  • FREE Hardware
  • FREE Install & Training
  • FREE Support

Local: (678) 583-9700
Toll Free: (866) 530-1452

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Court Management  |  Juvenile Court  |   Law Enforcement RMS   |   CloudCop Mobile  |   CAD-911  |   Jail Management  |   Probation   |   Payments  

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