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Courtware Solutions, Inc. Teams up with GeoConex® to Offer Comprehensive Dispatching Solutions

Comprehensive Dispatching Tool
GeoConex® NG911 (Next Generation 911) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) is a comprehensive dispatching tool that has options for use by both dispatchers and supervisory personnel to give optimum dispatch performance. 

The dispatcher can easily distinguish the status of active calls, while recording various status times, radio communications history, and historical calls. This multipurpose tool also allows the dispatcher to schedule home checks, pre-planned events such as funerals, and wrecker dispatch using automatic company rotation. 

With CAD, the dispatcher can give emergency personnel information on street directions, hazardous situations, or medical histories related to the address.
  • Dispatchers & Superviors
  • Active Calls Easy to Identify
  • Record Status Times
  • Radio Communications History
  • Historical Calls Review
  • Schedule Dispatch Tasks
  • Automatic Company Rotation


Click here to get a PDF file with features 
for CAD and Mobile CAD


® Mobile CAD 
Users can quickly access all vital functions from the Dashboard view of GeoConex® Mobile CAD including incident details, update mobile unit status and request urgent help with Panic button if needed
GeoConex® Mobile CAD—NG911 Ready—is a comprehensive mobile computer-aided dispatching tool that both dispatchers and users in the field can use for optimum performance that provides real time information and communication capabilities. With GeoConex® Mobile CAD, personnel working in the field are able to improve response time and accuracy of dispatch location with reduced radio traffic because the user has all the information at his fingertips. The mobile user has access to detailed maps, GPS location, NCIC query, incident details, subjects, vehicle information and capabilities of private chat. GeoConex® Mobile CAD is built on the Next Generation CAD Engine and uses state of the art technology to ensure communications back to the 9-1-1 center are encrypted and secure.

Panic Button Quickly Notifies All Units that Urgent Help is Needed

In an extreme emergency, users can click the panic button that is boldly highlighted in the upper right of the Mobile CAD Dashboard to notify all other units and dispatcher that urgent help is needed for current mobile user

  • Gomplete Mobile GIS Solution
  • Unit Self-Status
  • Secure Chatting
  • In-Unit AVL
  • NCIC Query Ability
  • NCIC Photos
  • User Panic Button
  • Mark Location

Click here to get a PDF file with features 
for CAD and Mobile CAD


Complete Mobile GIS Solution 
which can display the same map the dispatchers use so points of reference are the same. Allows users to see the incident location, track themselves and see other vehicles on the map. 

Unit Self-Status 
so the user has the option to change their own status (i.e., Enroute, On Scene, Transport, Destination, Cleared, Traffic Stop, Radio Communication). 

Secure Chatting 
between dispatch and the user in the field allowing non-radio based communication. 

In-Unit AVL 
for users in the field to know who is around them and where. Mobile users are able to improve response time and accuracy of dispatch location.   

NCIC Query Ability 
which provides enhanced capabilities from the car to add query results to CAD incidents.

NCIC Photos 
are readily available from the field.

User Panic Button 
which will alert all of the dispatchers when a user needs assistance. 

Mark Location 
which allows user to mark the location of a point of interest to come back to later.

Additional Features 
include an administrative control for AVL and a radio communications log, improved chat interface, prior incidents and unit reports.





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